About Us

Little Kiwi's Corner takes pride in our home to centre links and we ensure that the children's values, customs, routines and behavioural expectations are being met, and that strategies and plans are being put in place and revisited frequently for the benefits and well-being of everyone involved in our learning community. 

Our relationships with whānau, children, members of their family/friends and the wider community come naturally to the teachers in our centre and we take pride in developing and maintaining these trusting and reciprocal relationships.  This includes our beliefs and success with open, honest and respectful feedback about their children/s daily activities, interactions, routines and behaviour. 

Little Kiwi's Corner’s curriculum is based around the children's interests, home/community experiences and development stages. This is extended on by knowing the children and families well and by using our knowledge and understanding to further extend these.  The children in our little learning community are respected as individuals, independent and confident learners and explorers.  They are also offered plenty of group and social experiences to prepare them for not only school but their life long journey within all different environments in their big wide world.